Every college has its IT restaurant, and Marvin's has been DePauw's since 1972. Order the GCB (garlic cheeseburger) with a side of fried mushrooms. You'll come back.

For decades, DePauw students would travel the world and photograph themselves holding a “Marvin’s Delivers” sign. In Russia’s Red Square, on exotic islands, mountaintops, even at weddings, the signs appeared, photos were taken, and those photos covered the walls of Marvin’s.

Nothing gives you the feel of the place more than this excerpt from a June, 2009, article in the DePauw Alumni Magazine:
“Marvin Long and his legendary menu items have impacted several generations of DePauw students, and the ties run deep. When the Class of 1982 gathered to celebrate its 25th reunion, co-chair Ken Owen recalls, “I was emceeing the dinner program, when suddenly through a side door popped Marvin. The room literally erupted with cheers, and my classmates – many of whom hadn’t seen Marvin since he was manning the grill their senior year – rushed forward to hug him. He literally stopped the show. If you made a list of the most beloved figures in DePauw’s 170+ year history, Marvin Long would certainly be on it.”

Marvin passed away in 2013, at age 88, but he still delivers.