Helping to define “Communiversity,” the DePauw University bookstore and Starbucks share a downtown Greencastle corner.

Open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Starbucks and Eli’s Books, the DePauw bookstore, share the southeast corner of the Courthouse Square, the location where Col. Eli Lilly opened his first drug store in 1861. Eli’s Books is named after the Colonel, an avid book collector and founder of the Indianapolis pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Company. Lilly, beginning in 1853, attended the Academy at Indiana Asbury University, which would eventually become DePauw University. After an apprenticeship with a pharmacist in Lafayette, Lilly opened his first drug store in this location that’s now his namesake and, rumor has it, the largest-grossing Starbucks in the state.