More than just a whiskey bar, everything at The Whisk is hand-selected by owners Joel and Tosh Everson.

A unique experience, curated by owners Joel and Tosh Everson, who are also local musicians. The Whisk has a simple motto “Pouring Good Vibes”, and they sure live up to it. Not only do they offer the most extensive whiskey and bourbon selection in the county, but each bottle on offer is also hand-selected by the owners, who will, more often than not, be the ones pouring your drink for you. Fresh, local food is served and each recipe is also created by Joel and Tosh. You can immediately understand the appeal when you walk in and are greeted by the founders, who are pouring their livelihood into the restaurant.

Every week is something different: A whiskey tasting, patio party, record night, etc. The seats are always filled and the service is always wonderful. Some of their more unique experiences required an RSVP so be sure to visit their website and watch their social media to stay up to date.