What started as a local food truck has turned into one of the best BBQ spots in the county.

Locals, Jonny Parker and James Stewart, began their BBQ dream by attending regional events in a food truck, serving delicious pulled pork sandwiches, nachos, and other typical, quick, BBQ meals. While this is still a portion of the business, they expanded into a brick-and-mortar location on “old Main Street” in Greencastle in early 2022. This location, a building that has always been a go-to for locals and students from DePauw University, has served as a restaurant/bar for decades.

Having settled into their new building, live music, games, and a wide variety of special menu items have started to appear. Everything from tenderloins and smash burgers to more obscure items like pulled pork poutine mac and the “Wally Changa” (you have to visit to find out what it is) has been added to the menu.

Community members and team players at heart, Jonny and James still take the food truck to a large number of local events all the while keeping the restaurant running. If you’re in Putnam County, you can’t miss them!