Tourism Asset Development Grant


  • Up to $20,000 in matching funds for Putnam County-based non-profit organizations.
  • Support for developing/expanding tourism-related assets that encourage overnight stays.
  • Designed to develop events, attractions, venues, and programs that attract visitors to Putnam County.

The Tourism Asset Development (TAD) Grant Program was established by the Putnam County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (PCCVB) to develop assets in Putnam County that will attract new visitors, with a particular interest in assets that encourage overnight stays.  Awards are recommended by the PCCVB Grants Committee and approved by the PCCVB Board of Directors. The program offers 1:1 matching funds for requests up to $20,000.

The PCCVB is proud to participate in expanding the quality of life in the county by enhancing and supporting the development of events, attractions, venues, and programs that attract visitors to Putnam County and, at the same time, make it an even more enjoyable place to live.  This grant and the Tourism Enhancement/Development (TED) grant, which focuses on promotion, with a maximum matching request of $2,500, are designed to help accomplish that.

Through both programs, the PCCVB entertains requests for cooperative assistance to develop and promote assets with a direct impact on the county by attracting out-of-county visitors, increasing overnight in-county stays and bringing tourism-related investment to the community.  High consideration is given to applicants requesting funding for assets that will either generate new overnight stays or extend a current stay in Putnam County overnight accommodation properties.

The goal is to further develop the county’s quality of life through quality tourism attractions that also offer new or enhanced benefits to visitors.  The definition of a visitor is one traveling from outside Putnam County for an event/activity inside the county.  This goal of increasing visitation involves both creating new attractions and enhancing existing ones.

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