Bugle Valley Elk Farm

4205 W. County Road 1000 North, Roachdale, Indiana

Office: 765.522.1550

What are these legendary animals of America’s West doing in central Indiana? They’re waiting to be discovered by visitors to Bugle Valley Elk Farm! Nestled in the hills of northern Putnam County, this off-the-beaten-track experience gives you a closeup look at a herd of elk with informative tours of the farm and its products. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the bulls shedding their antlers or a calf being born, and you might hear the bugling of the bulls during mating season.

Situated on 240 acres of hills and valley in northern Putnam County, Bugle Valley Elk farm has been raising elk since 2000. This farm has been in the Clodfelter family for more than 97 years, with four generations raising a variety of livestock over the years. It was 13 years ago that owner Gene Clodfelter made the decision to take the farm’s livestock in a new direction.

Located at 4205 W. County Road 1000 North, Roachdale, the farm is open for tours by appointment. These tours feature a wagon ride through the 240 acres over which the 75 elk are spread.

A tour offers the chance to see big bull elk, cows, spikers and calves up close during feeding time. Special times to see the farm include bulls shedding their antlers in March and April, the birth of calves in May and June and the bugling of the bulls during mating season from early September through November.