Official Putnam County Trail Guide

Put on your hiking boots and explore the gorgeous scenery!

Looking to get out of the house and see what the great outdoors has to offer? Putnam County has some great spots for you to do so! With more acreage in protected state forest than any other county in Indiana, there’s no shortage of nature to discover. We’ve compiled a list of our best trails, nature parks, and outdoor areas here, so look no further!

Official Putnam County Trail Guide - People Pathways

People Pathways

People Pathways is a network of over 17 miles of multi-use trails in Putnam County and is part of a larger system that spans from one side of the state to the other. The portions found in our county consist of extra wide and flat trails, making them perfect for biking, running, and walking. They are in and around the city of Greencastle, with a large portion of them being paved. No matter what type of outdoor trail activity you are looking to do, Peoples Pathways is perfect for you and the whole family. If you’re near Greencastle, there is most likely a trail to be found near you!

Official Putnam County Trail Guide - Fern Cliff Nature Preserve

Fern Cliff Nature Preserve

Designated a National Natural Landmark in 1980, this 157-acre preserve is highlighted by wooded sandstone cliffs and ravines, along with an abundance of beautiful greenery, including fern. Located southwest of Greencastle, it is a popular destination for hiking, photography, and birdwatching, and once you see it, you’ll understand why! Climbing and rappelling are strictly prohibited, but simply taking in the beauty of the landscape is encouraged!

Official Putnam County Trail Guide - Big Walnut Natural Area

Big Walnut Natural Area

Located just outside of Bainbridge, Big Walnut Natural Area totals 2,600 acres of forest for you to explore. The area itself is actually broken down into three parts: Hall Woods Nature Preserve, The Hemlock Ridge Trail, and Tall Timbers Trail, all of which highlight different features of Big Walnut itself, including steep hills, deep ravines, and a dazzling creek. The area is a wonderland for nature enthusiasts, and we are lucky to have it so close to home here in Putnam County. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Official Putnam County Trail Guide - Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area

Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area

Near Putnamville, Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area is a 2,175-acre park featuring excellent hunting, fishing, and hiking across rolling agriculture land and mature oak-hickory woods. Deer Creek runs through the southern portion and a smaller creek runs across the northern portion, ensuring that the wildlife will be abundant and the scenery will be splendid. In addition, a pond in the northern portion also allows for fishing. This park is a great place to bring the family for a day of outdoor adventuring, so we’ll see you soon!

Official Putnam County Trail Guide - DePauw Nature Park

DePauw Nature Park

A truly unique spot, this park consists of 520 acres in and around a defunct limestone quarry on the outskirts of Greencastle. The park contains maintained trails, a welcome center, and several educational buildings, a lake, and much more. The trails are in and around the quarry, making for some great views, awesome wildlife, and an unmatched experience!


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