Put Your Feet In The Saddle At C Bar C

The premier equestrian facility in the Midwest, right in our backyard!

It’s not often that we brag about what Putnam County offers (OK, that’s not true), but we’re justifiably proud of the unique things to do and see here.  For example, Putnam County is home to the largest equestrian facility and indoor arena in the state!

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Put Your Feet In The Saddle At C Bar C - Youth

Located in Cloverdale, C Bar C Expo Center is a massive 50-acre facility right off US-70, with five indoor acres that include two arenas, 500 stalls, and even a horse motel and spectator area with amenities that rival the Four Seasons.

Put Your Feet In The Saddle At C Bar C - Tractor

With an equestrian complex that elaborate, major events come to town nearly every weekend of the year! C Bar C hosts a wide range of statewide and national events such as the Midwest Youth Rodeo Association’s Youth Rodeo, the International Barrel Racing Association, the National Pole Bending Association, the International Buckskin Horse Association, and the American Quarter Horse Association, to name just a few.

Put Your Feet In The Saddle At C Bar C - Rodeo

The multi-purpose arenas are often used for other national events, such as tractor pulls and even a national lumberjack show. In fact, in 2015, the facility hosted its first National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) Winter Nationals, and today C Bar C’s Invitational NTPA Winter Nationals is rated among the top five indoor pulls in the country.  Another event that fills the stands to overflowing is the Indiana Stock Show, which first used the space in 2018 and has become an annual must-see show.

Owned by Cindy and Carl Harlan, two Indiana natives, C Bar C has become one of the country’s premier destinations for all things equestrian and livestock, and truly there is a multi-day event nearly every weekend of the year.  There’s no shortage of happenings, no matter the time of year, so include a stop when you plan to visit.  Except for rare occasions, admission is always free.


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