Seven Tasty Tenderloins in Putnam County

The Indiana classic, served up seven different ways from all across the county.

During your visit to Putnam County, you can get a little taste of pretty much all the good things our state is known for. Rolling cornfields? Check. A love for high school basketball? Check. Historic covered bridges? Check. Great food? Double-check.

Sometimes we think our small towns have such good food that it would be rude not to share with guests the places that make it special. So, we are starting with a guide to an Indiana staple: Breaded Tenderloin. And we’re serving up a list of great locally owned restaurants where you can get this Hoosier favorite. Come for the tenderloin, stay for the atmosphere (or another tenderloin). Bon Appetit!

Hayden's Bainbridge Tap - Tenderloin

Hayden’s Bainbridge Tap

Hayden’s Bainbridge Tap is a local favorite for food and a good time, and this 21-and-up bar also has some really cool features. The wrap-around raw wood bar top makes for a neat atmosphere, and the breaded tenderloin makes the same great impression. At the Tap, you will experience Indiana’s favorite sandwich and also Putnam County hospitality. We definitely recommend this as a stop on your tenderloin tour, and we bet you’ll be back for more of their daily specials. People come from out of state to eat what they’re serving, and we’re lucky to have it right here in Putnam County!

Final Approach Restaurant - Tenderloin

Final Approach Restaurant

Final Approach is a unique eatery in Putnam County that’s located at our airport. From your table, you can look out the window to the runway as aircraft lift off and touch down. While the scenery is notable, the food is remarkable, which is why this spot landed on our list. Where else can you enjoy a great breaded tenderloin while watching planes arrive and depart? Nowhere else in Putnam County, that’s for sure!

Lou's Diner - Tenderloin

Lou’s Diner

Lou’s Diner is a staple in the southern part of the county, and so popular with locals that it’s sometimes hard to get into.  Well-known for its friendly atmosphere and its tasty, home-cooked food, it also does the Hoosier staple justice! Make this a stop on your tenderloin tour, and be sure to stay for dessert!

Wasser Brewing Company - Tenderloin

Wasser Brewing Company

Wasser Brewing Company is a craft brewery and brewpub tucked into an old brick building that began life as an auto-parts store. Go on a nice, warm evening and sit outside while you enjoy drinks, or eat inside and enjoy the dining area’s unique features which showcase the building’s history. Either way, order the tenderloin! You will not be disappointed. Even more, you’ll be glad we sent you!

Bert and Betty's Kitchen - Tenderloin

Bert and Betty’s Kitchen

Bert & Betty’s Kitchen seated its first guests in 1963, and it is the definition of home-cooking. It’s a local secret, and a busy one — only open in the morning and early afternoon, with people from around the county stopping in for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is now managed by Bert and Betty’s daughter, Jackie, and we couldn’t think of a better place to really experience not only the Hoosier tenderloin but also the home-cooking and friendly atmosphere that we pride ourselves on here in Putnam County. The sandwich comes out piping hot and crispy with an unmatched flavor. The eatery itself is small, but the food makes a huge impression!

Putnam Inn Family Restaurant - Tenderloin

Putnam Inn Family Restaurant

The Putnam Inn Family Restaurant has been a go-to in Greencastle since 1972. Owned and managed by the third generation of the family that first opened it, it is best-known for its cinnamon rolls. Of course, we’re sending you for the hand-breaded pork tenderloin, which they say is famous for its “meaty flavor.” Need we say more? Oh, and we’re definitely not going to stop you from eating those cinnamon rolls!

Moores Bar & Grill - Tenderloin

Moores Bar & Grill

Moore’s Bar & Grill has been a favorite for generations. It’s quaint and quirky at the same time, and it is known for its “hangover” sandwich, which, you guessed it, is a huge breaded tenderloin. Cold beer, hot fries, loud music, and a friendly atmosphere are also found here. It’s within walking distance of both the Courthouse Square and DePauw University, so be sure to make it one of your stops on your tour!


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