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Here in Putnam County, we love shopping local, but we also love the opportunity to talk about the people and the businesses that make that possible. Our local business owners are the best, and we think everyone should hear about them. With that being said, we want to brag about our businesses, and today we’re highlighting a brand new one.

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Blushing Beaus Boutique - Shop Local

Meet our new neighbor, Blushing Beaus! Located right on the square in downtown Greencastle, Blushing Beaus is a women’s clothing boutique offering new, trendy additions to your wardrobe and accessory collection. The store itself is a stylish take on a vintage space, and we know that everyone who enters is going to love the look and the atmosphere, and we haven’t even gotten to the inventory yet! The walls are lined with racks of clothing perfectly made to fill your closet, and the colorful options perfectly pop against the chic décor, which includes three impressive chandeliers and a gorgeous accent wall. Seriously, don’t just take our word for it, make sure to see for yourself!

Blushing Beaus Boutique - Shop Local

A trio consisting of two sisters and their mother heads the operation, and we can’t thank them enough for bringing their style to our city. Their mission is to make sure all women feel beautiful and confident, and they plan to do so by offering a wide range of styles and sizes. That’s one mission we can get behind! If your closet is looking a little bare (or even if it’s full), make sure you visit Blushing Beaus, and the many other boutiques and shops our community has to offer. Shop local and stay stylish, folks.

Blushing Beaus Boutique - Shop Local


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