Shop On The Square At Simply Rustik Boutique

Women's clothes, craft soaps and accessories, and even home decorations, find a great gift at Simply Rustik!

If you’re one of those people who can shop ‘til you drop, you’ll be in luck here in Putnam County. We have a variety of locally-owned stores and boutiques sprinkled throughout the county, and we’re so happy to have them all! In this post, we’ll be highlighting one of the several boutiques in Greencastle, Simply Rustik.

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Simply Rustik originally opened its doors in Cloverdale and recently moved its storefront to downtown Greencastle. Open Tuesday through Sunday, the boutique offers a variety of clothing and accessories, handmade crafts and soaps, home décor, and even furniture!

Shop On The Square At Simply Rustik Boutique - Sign

When you enter the store itself, you’ll immediately notice the unique displays of the cutest accessories and the array of clothing options for both women and children. In addition, there is a backroom that is centered more toward unique and vintage home décor. It’s a neat mixture and one that guarantees you’ll find something you like no matter your style.

Shop On The Square At Simply Rustik Boutique - Clothes

To top it off, the store is located next to several restaurants and other shops, so be sure to stop in when you’re out shopping, and then treat yourself to an ice cream cone or a drink and a meal afterward! Can you think of a better day? We didn’t think so!


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