Tap A Line At Harris Sugar Bush

Delicious maple syrup, sourced from a local farm, visit the shop or experience the process for yourself.

Did you know that one of Indiana’s largest maple syrup producers is located right here in our county? If not, now you do!

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Tap A Line At Harris Sugar Bush - Syrup

Harris Sugar Bush, located just outside of Greencastle, has been family owned and operated right here in Putnam County for four generations. That’s a lot of syrup! As one of the state’s largest producers, they sell both Grade A and Grade B maple syrup. It’s bottled in either plastic or glass depending on the grade and the use, and their distinct bottles have become a sort of relic in our community.

Tap A Line At Harris Sugar Bush - Building

Along with syrup, they also make and sell a wide variety of other maple goodies, including butter, tea, candies, gourmet coffee, and goat-milk soap to name a few. All of their products are available for sale both in their store, which is housed inside a neat log cabin on the property, and online. They even ship worldwide, extending their range in the maple syrup market. This one-stop-shop for all things maple is open every day during syrup season, which spans from the last week of January through the first week of March. Even better, if you’re interested in seeing how their impressive operation works, they’re open for tours year-round by appointment!

Tap A Line At Harris Sugar Bush - Inside

We’re lucky to have this large family-owned operation right here in our backyard, and it’s just one of the many things that make Putnam County stand out. If you’re in the market for maple syrup, or you just want to check out the Harris family operation, you know where to go!


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