"Communiversity" is a way of life here -- partnership, shared experiences, education, family, celebration, and fun.

Greencastle is America’s Classic College Town because DePauw University has made it so since 1837. Two blocks south of downtown, the school and Greencastle enjoy a “communiversity” as President Mark McCoy dubbed it so accurately.

Eli’s Books, DePauw’s student bookstore, is downtown, drawing the community together and offering students, residents and guests the highest-grossing Starbucks in Indiana. Music on the Square, on the east side of the Courthouse Square, strengthens the cultural fabric of the shared community by connecting adult and student learners with music makers, creators and innovators. DePauw students use the practice space and the University shares guest artists for intimate musical performances…artists like Yo-Yo Ma, who opened the venue and comes back every summer.

In return, Greencastle provides a home for 2,300 DePauw students from more than 40 states and 30 countries who enjoy a 10:1 student:faculty ratio in the classroom. The nearly 700-acre, wooded campus also offers a 520-acre nature park and the 12-acre Ullem Campus Farm and Center for Sustainability, where students gain practical and applied experience, community rootedness and contribute to global environmental solutions and local restaurant produce supplies.

The Prindle Institute for Ethics adds as much to the community, and to the dozens of reasons to visit this place, as the Green Center for the Performing Arts, the DePauw School of Music and the Peeler Art Center.

The oldest campus building, East College, was built in 1877. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is one of dozens of sites that make DePauw a great place for guests to visit, relax and be part of this Communiversity.

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