Dunbar Covered Bridge

The Dunbar Covered Bridge is nearer to downtown Greencastle than any of the county’s nine covered bridges.

The Dunbar and Oakalla covered bridges are in the center of Putnam County, with the Dunbar nearer to downtown Greencastle than any of Putnam County’s nine covered bridges. One of the three oldest in the county, built in 1880 by farmers with timber cut on the Dunbar farm, Dunbar is a Burr Arch, two-span bridge, with an unusual arrangement of open-air “windows.” It’s 16’ wide, nearly 14’ high and 174’ long with 12’ overhangs. At one time, the name J.J. Daniels was on the timbers in the bridge. He built the nearby Oakalla Covered Bridge, so it’s possible he is responsible for this historic structure, built 18 years prior.