Edna Collings (Haunted?) Covered Bridge

The last covered bridge built in Putnam County, and sometimes called Edna Collins Bridge and Baby Bridge, it is believed to be haunted.

Edna Collings Covered Bridge is the “newest” of Putnam County’s nine covered bridges and is also called “Edna Collins Bridge” and “Baby Bridge,” due to its age and length. It was built by Charles Hendrix in 1922 to span Little Walnut Creek and, ironically, it replaced a concrete bridge washed out in high water. The Burr Arch bridge is the shortest in the county at 80’ long, plus 8’ overhangs at each end. It is 15’ wide and nearly 14’ high.

Local lore claims it’s haunted by a mother and child. The most common tale is that a little girl by the name of Edna Collings lived nearby and frequently swam in Little Walnut Creek. Her parents would drop her off on their way to town and, when they returned, would honk three times to let her know it was time to leave. One day, Edna failed to respond to the horn and, upon searching the creek, she was found to have drown. Circumstances concerning her death are unknown.

Variations of the story have her mother following her in death. Grieving over the loss of her child, she is said to have hung herself. Another tale says it was Edna’s father who built the bridge in memory of his daughter.

The routine you must follow to see the spirit of Edna begins with driving onto the bridge. There, turn off your engine and honk three times. If you follow the pattern of her parents, Edna is suppose to appear and try to get in the car with you. Some witnesses have found child-sized hand prints on their car and heard the laughter of a little girl nearby.

To encounter her mother, take a piece of rope supposedly hanging from the sign of a nearby church. Once on the bridge, it is said this will summon a shadowy figure.