Pine Bluff Covered Bridge

Pine Bluff Covered Bridge is a Howe Truss structure over Big Walnut Creek.

Pine Bluff Covered Bridge’s double span reaches a length of 211 feet, or 233 feet counting an 11-foot overhang at each end. The portal is 16′ wide by 13.5′ high. The roadbed is wood, the roof is tin and the abutments are concrete. The single-lane roadbed is open to traffic.

According to, Pine Bluff is a unique variation of the Howe Truss, which included steel plates. It is included on the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges list of significant bridges, and it is believed, but not confirmed, that Pine Bluff was built by Joseph A. Britton, who built the Rolling Stone Covered Bridge just a few minutes away and the Cornstalk Bridge, over Cornstalk Creek, about 20 minutes to the northwest. This bridge is listed in the World Guide as #14-64-03.