"Windows to the World" Teacher Grants

$50 Nature-Related Grants Available to 20 Putnam County K-12 Teachers

“Windows to the World” will allow 20 K-12 teachers in Putnam County to receive a $50 grant to enhance the area outside their classroom window with something nature-related.

Proposed by John Garner, chair of the Putnam Parks & Pathways education committee, the effort reinforces the county’s interest in supporting local education, teachers and a focus on nature with the goal of allowing and encouraging teachers and students to complete a project that enhances nature-related learning.

Application for a grant will be made to the Putnam Parks & Pathways education committee, and it will be a simple, one-page form that asks teachers to explain how they will use the grant and the anticipated outcome(s) from the project.

Putnam Parks & Pathways staff will take photos and write a brief story on some of the projects, reporting on them in the monthly e-newsletter.