Things to Do

  • Hall Woods Nature Preserve

    Greencastle, Indiana

    A microcosm of the entire Big Walnut Natural Area, Hall Woods Nature Preserve is owned and managed by the Indiana Division of Nature Preserves.

  • Harris Sugar Bush

    Greencastle, Indiana

    Just north of Greencastle there’s a huge stand of maple trees, and in the middle, at the end of a very long, hilly drive, is Indiana’s largest maple syrup producer.

  • Heritage Preservation Society of Putnam County

    Greencastle, Indiana

    The Heritage Preservation Society of Putnam County promotes and encourages interest in homes and their families, buildings, properties, history, and heritage.

  • Hobbit Gardens Erth Gathering Center

    Fillmore, Indiana

    Hobbit Gardens is earth, sky, woods, plants, sun, and rain. It is a place of learning how to walk gently upon Grandmother Earth, learning to make our footprints smaller so there is a place for all.

  • Houck Covered Bridge

    Greencastle, Indiana

    From this bridge, look to the northeast. The Boone-Hutcheson Cemetery, at the top of the hill, is the final resting place of Daniel Boone’s brother, Squire Boone, and his family.

  • Indiana Genealogy Trails

    Greencastle, Indiana

    The Historic National Road, now known as U.S. 40, crosses the county about five miles south of the county seat, and thousands of settlers used it to move west. This histories of those who put down roots are kept in the Putnam County Library.

  • Jaycee Park

    Greencastle, Indiana

    A quiet place in an all-too-loud world.

  • Keith and Kane

    Greencastle, Indiana

    Named after her two young boys, Aubrey Robinson opened Keith and Kane to pursue her love of fashion. Situated on the Courthouse Square in downtown Greencastle, this women’s apparel boutique adds to the growing number of shopping options in the county.

  • Krambo’s Kustom Kolors

    Greencastle, Indiana

    Krambo’s is so much more than extraordinary paint jobs. With awards from Easy Rider and International Motor Show, owner Chris Krampe and his staff have nearly 100 years of combined experience and certifications from Harley U.

  • Lincoln Park Speedway

    Putnamville, Indiana

    Weekly racing events on Saturday nights in the heart of beautiful downtown Putnamville, Indiana.

  • McKim Observatory

    Greencastle, Indiana

    While McKim Observatory remains an excellent example of a well-equipped late 1800’s observatory, it’s in full use, including for stargazing events to which guests are welcomed.

  • Music on the Square

    Greencastle, Indiana

    Music on the Square, a community music space hosted by the DePauw School of Music, fosters courageous music making.

  • Myers’ Market, Deli & Butcher

    Greencastle, Indiana

    Come visit us and see why our customers say Myers’ Market is the best butcher shop in central Indiana.

  • National Road Heritage Trail in Putnam County, Indiana

    Greencastle, Indiana

    The National Road began as a trail created by buffalo and deer, and traveled by other animals, centuries before Indiana statehood in 1816. Native Americans traveled the path the animals had cleared through thick woods and undergrowth and, later, during the westward expansion, easterners found it the easiest way to travel to, and settle, the American West.

  • New Moon Divination


    A unique boutique in historic downtown Cloverdale, New Moon Divination offers crystals and stones from around the world as well as work by local artists.

  • Oakalla Covered Bridge

    Greencastle, Indiana

    This historic covered bridge gets its name from the former Oakalla Station, along the old Big Four Railroad. A Burr Arch bridge built in 1898 by Joseph J. Daniels, it’s 16’ wide, 14’ high and 152’ long.